Gifts You Can Make Now

Receive a tax deduction now for the market value and see your gift at work.


Cash is the quickest and simplest way to make a gift. You can donate cash, securities, or personal property when making an outright gift. Benefits of this type of gift are an income tax deduction and avoidance of any capital gains tax.

Stocks & Bonds

A gift of your securities, including your stocks or bonds, is an easy way for you to make a gift.

The benefits of giving a gift of stock are:

  • You avoid paying long-term capital gains tax that would otherwise be due if you sold these assets.
  • Giving generously requires us to think of the future. Express your stewardship in ways that will bless your family and your church.
  • If you are a stockholder in a closely-held corporation, consider having the corporation make a gift to your church. Like individuals, corporations qualify for tax deductions for charitable gifts.

If you’d like to make a gift of stock to your church, fill out our Securities Transfer Form or contact our office at 334-793-6820 or [email protected].

Donor Advised Fund

A donor advised fund (DAF) is a great way to manage all your charitable giving in one place, practice generosity, and teach younger generations the importance of philanthropy by involving them in distribution recommendations to charities. A donor advised fund has several appealing benefits as an avenue of generosity, including the flexibility to change which United Methodist churches and organizations will benefit from the fund each year, minimal start-up time and costs, donations that are generally deductible at fair market value, and the ability to avoid capital gains taxes (gifts of real estate and appreciated securities).


Once an IRA owner reaches the age of 72, they are required to withdraw a certain amount per year to reach the RMD. Unless given to a charity, the IRA balance, whether withdrawn or saved with the intent to give to a beneficiary, is subject to federal income taxes. Many individuals use this as an opportunity to give to charities. A QCD gift to a church or charity both helps to reach the RMD and avoids federal income taxes. 

Real Estate

A gift of your real property (such as your home, vacation property, vacant land, farmland or ranch or commercial property) can make a great gift. If you own appreciated real property, you can avoid paying capital gains tax by making a gift to us.

Personal Property

Personal property such as automobiles, works of art, antiques, coin or stamp collections, jewelry, and other items can make generous gifts to the church. There are some tax benefits for the donor which depend upon the value of the property given and how the gift is to be used by the church.

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