Who We Are

The Alabama-West Florida United Methodist Foundation believes there is no more significant investment than that planted for the next generation.

Since 1979, the UM Foundation has joined hands with individuals and churches to grow God’s kingdom through the work of the church. Just as the dogwood tree represents the everlasting life that Christians receive when they believe that Jesus died on the cross for our sins, the gifts given through the United Methodist Foundation are in perpetuity and life-changing.

We provide financial tools and services to help individuals and churches with planned giving, endowment programs, investment management, generosity development, financial education, and loans and financing.

Over $125 million dollars has been placed with the Foundation for financial management. We pride ourselves on following the United Methodists’ Book of Discipline and thank God for the gifts that keep on giving to our families, churches, and agencies.

Fast Facts

Mission: To strengthen ministries of United Methodist churches and agencies by encouraging generosity through education, consulting, development and financial services.

Assets: $125+ million

Established: 1979

Core Ministries: Planned Giving/Endowment Programs, Investment Management, Stewardship Development, Financial Education, Loans and Financing

Church Endowments: The Foundation works with churches to set up and facilitate planned giving and permanent endowment programs. An endowment is a gift that can be invested to support church ministry programs such as missions, scholarships, and building maintenance.

Trustee and Custodial Services: The Foundation is empowered to act as a managing trustee of a charitable trust of which at least 50% of the assets will benefit a UM church or institution.

Donor Consultation: Foundation staff is available to meet privately with potential donors to help them clarify their charitable gift giving goals.

Investment Management: The Foundation manages church and agency funds that have been deposited with it in accordance with the donor or donor church. The funds are placed under professional management, and a small fee is assessed in order to cover administrative costs.

Long Term Investment Funds: Funds may be invested according to objective or use into the Equity Fund, Income Fund, or Balanced Fund

Oversight: The Foundation’s Investment Committee applies prudent investment guidelines and social screening of investments. The Committee also continually reviews and monitors investments to ensure stable and long term growth. The Foundation provides an accounting of transactions with respect to each account invested in its common funds. The Foundation offers oversight and layers of accountability that give churches confidence in their responsibilities of fund management.

Generosity Development: Through its educational programs and core ministries the Foundation seeks to foster an understanding of generosity and stewardship as an act of worship and discipleship in our donors.

Development Fund: The Development Fund makes loans to churches and agencies in the Alabama-West Florida Conference. The Fund offers low-interest loans for up to $1 million dollars and pays attractive interest rates to investors in Alabama and West Florida.
*For loans larger than $1 million, contact us! The Foundation has the ability to negotiate with other sources for larger loans.

Types of Loans: New church construction, purchasing property, and major renovation projects.

Rates: Set quarterly by Directors. Visit our Loans page for current rates.

Other Outreach Ministries: The Foundation offers personal and church financial workshops throughout our conference in order to create a culture of planning and accountability. Workshops provided by the Foundation are free of charge.

For More Information Contact:
Terri Turner, Executive Director of the AL-WF UM Foundation
334-793-6820, [email protected].