Church Planned Giving and Endowment Programs

“And the things you have prepared, whose will they be?”
— Luke 12:20

The Foundation works with churches to set up and facilitate planned giving and permanent endowment programs. An endowment is a gift that can be invested to support church ministry programs such as missions, scholarships, and building maintenance.

In developing a new Church Endowment Program, the Foundation will facilitate a series of steps/meetings. This process is monitored by the Foundation’s Executive Director and Committee on Wills and Endowments. These steps are:

  1. Leadership Development
  2. Vision-Casting Team Meetings
  3. Endowment Plan
  4. Congregational Communication (through the implementation of our Endowment Marketing Kit)

The Foundation comes alongside local churches to create and maintain successful endowment programs. We provide your team with a step-by-step communication plan to help promote your endowment. To start a conversation with the Foundation about a Church Endowment Program, contact us.

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