Our Mission

“Giving, not getting, is the way. Generosity begets generosity.” – Luke 6:38

Generosity is faith in action. Generosity focuses on the spiritual qualities of the giver, derived from the generosity of God, rather on the church’s need for money. Our goal is to inspire giving within our churches as individuals seek to grow in the image of God and in service to Christ.

We believe that if people are encouraged to live generous lives, they will strengthen not only themselves but the ministry of the church.

Our purpose is to help individuals and the church by encouraging generosity through education, consulting, development and financial services.

Our mission is to encourage generosity as a way of life, foster planned giving, develop successful endowment programs, and manage funds in order to strengthen the work of Christ’s church. Our Development Fund also supports church growth by providing loan services for building, renovating, or purchasing property.

To continue being a ministry of generosity, we want to join hands with you to grow God’s kingdom so the next generation of ministry can thrive.

Generosity begets generosity. Let us give now so that the future church may flourish.

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