Generosity Matters | Spring 2023 Newsletter

New Church Relations Officer Joins the United Methodist Foundation

It is our pleasure to announce that beginning April 1st, Rev. Dr. Mark LaBranche joined the staff of the United Methodist Foundation as our Church Relations Officer. Executive Director Terri Turner stated that Mark’s energy and experiences make him the perfect candidate for this new staff position in order to cultivate and strengthen partnerships with donors, churches, and/or organizations….Continue Reading

St. Luke UMC Utilizes Foundation Services and Events

“My first experience with the Foundation came when I began to serve as Treasurer. St. Luke UMC had deposited some cash reserves in the Foundation Development Money Market Fund. While the interest we earn is currently very low, the Foundation has always processed our transactions promptly. We feel it is a safe option for setting aside cash reserves while participating in our connection tradition as United Methodists, and I recommend it highly.”  – Bob Helms, Treasurer of St. Luke UMC, for almost 20 years….Continue reading

Resourcing Your Church’s God Inspired Vision for Ministry

The mission of the United Methodist Foundation is to provide faith-based financial solutions that help churches live into their God-given vision, as we have done since 1979.

The Foundation offers a number of ministries and services that are not limited by organizing language and remain open to organizations that share either current or past Wesleyan common bonds and connections with the United Methodist Church. The Foundation, a self-sustaining, 501c3, is taking steps to provide a stable and smooth transition for UMC and non-UMC churches while “doing no harm” to any group….Continue Reading

Upcoming Game Changing Leadership Webinars

Game Changing Leadership events focus on a variety of financial topics and needs within the church including, but not limited to, fostering a generous culture, developing financial leadership skills, developing and implementing planned giving/legacy giving, and improving personal and church financial health. Each event covers relevant topics and includes practical tips and tools that church leaders can easily put into place right away to start seeing an impact….Continue Reading

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