St. Luke UMC Utilizes Foundation Services and Events

“My first experience with the Foundation came when I began to serve as Treasurer. St. Luke UMC had deposited some cash reserves in the Foundation Development Money Market Fund. While the interest we earn is currently very low, the Foundation has always processed our transactions promptly. We feel it is a safe option for setting aside cash reserves while participating in our connection tradition as United Methodists, and I recommend it highly.” – Bob Helms, Treasurer of St. Luke UMC, for almost 20 years. 

In 2017, St. Luke also began to participate in the Foundation’s Balanced Investment Fund, where they have seen overall good returns.

“The returns to our investment in this account allowed us to capture $24,000 of market gains during August of 2021. This realized gain represented 31% of our initial investment and was transferred to a Development Fund Money Market to be used for pending capital projects. While the fund lost value during 2022, the value of our account is still very close to our original investment. The investment committee does a good job of managing this fund in a responsible manner. The actual performance has been no worse than the S&P 500 and bond index funds during 2022. We are confident our investments are being managed well, and we would recommend this service to others.”

St. Luke UMC Utilizes Foundation Services and Events
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Bob and St. Luke UMC have also been avid supporters of the Foundation’s Game Changing Leadership events that focus on a variety of financial topics and needs within the church.

“My first experience with the current Game Changing Leadership series of workshops began in early 2020. Under the most capable leadership of our Pastor, Dr. Olivia Poole, St. Luke UMC has become more intentional in developing and implementing a Ministry Plan that incorporates the tenets of our mission statement in everything that we do. Every webinar workshop I’ve participated in has been very educational. We have implemented many of the suggestions from these workshops. Congratulations to Terri Turner and Chris Stovall of Generis for a job well done.”

To learn more about the Foundation and how we can serve your church, contact Terri Turner at 334-793-6820 or [email protected].