Resourcing Your Church’s God Inspired Vision for Ministry

The mission of the United Methodist Foundation is to provide faith-based financial solutions that help churches live into their God-given vision, as we have done since 1979.

The Foundation offers a number of ministries and services that are not limited by organizing language and remain open to organizations that share either current or past Wesleyan common bonds and connections with the United Methodist Church. The Foundation, a self-sustaining, 501c3, is taking steps to provide a stable and smooth transition for UMC and non-UMC churches while “doing no harm” to any group.


  • Fund Management
  • Stewardship Resources
  • Endowment Development
  • Planned Giving Presentations and Programs
  • Liquidation of Stock Gifts to Your Church/Ministry (at no cost to you)
  • Socially Screened Investment Options
  • Accounting Services
  • Educational Events and Workshops
  • Scholarships
  • Legacy Gifts Consulting and Options
  • Development Fund Investing

There are several ministry and service options that are limited, by their originating documents, to congregations, clergy, and organizations that are part of the United Methodist Church:

  • The AWF Development Fund: Loans are currently restricted by the articles of incorporation and offering circular to provide low-cost loans to United Methodist Churches and organizations for building/capital projects. We can currently provide non-UMC churches with alternative loan options.
  • Individual Endowments and Planned Gifts: The Foundation manages funds for both UMC and non-UMC churches and donors. These trust and reserve fund monies are disbursed and used to support churches and ministries based on the initial documentation of each account and the intent/wishes of the donor or church.
  • Board of Directors: The Foundation’s board has always aimed to have representation from all districts, small and large churches, members with a variety of skill sets from investing to marketing, and is currently working to include representation of non-UMC churches. We gain perspective on the needs of all of our churches by hearing from different voices and expanding and growing our services based on current and upcoming needs.

It is a blessing to share in your successes and walk alongside you in your struggles while providing financial vehicles and resources designed to help fund your continued ministry. Thank you for allowing us to be part of your meetings and planning to discuss how we can do more with our collective resources to facilitate and encourage the generosity of God’s gifts.