Planned Giving

When planning your estate, we know that you want to take great care of your family. You want to pass on what has been given to you, to not only the people that you love but also to the organizations that you value.

As a United Methodist, you have already declared the importance of serving Christ during your lifetime. Estate planning is a simple way to show the world what we value – our family, our church, and more. When we take time to plan today how we want our assets to be distributed, it saves our loved ones both time and money once we have passed.

When you’re ready to talk about estate planning, we are here to help. We’ve helped many families, seniors, singles, and widows/widowers make plans for their estate. In our conversations we will define your path, purpose, process, priorities, and help you have a peace of mind with your estate plans.

Our goal is to educate you on how you might plan your affairs to benefit your family, as well as United Methodist churches and ministries that are close to your heart. If you have any questions about the best way for you to benefit through a planned gift, please contact 334-793-6820 or [email protected]. A Planned Giving team member will be very pleased to help you.

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