Generosity Matters | Spring 2022 Newsletter

Foundation Board Reaffirms Methodist Foundation Work

On May 18th, the Foundation Board of Directors, unanimously reaffirmed that the Foundation, as a faith-based organization, is committed to serving all facets of Methodism in the Alabama-West Florida area. We acknowledge that we are a unique ministry of planned giving, investment management, donor development, and more. All of our services have taken years to perfect to meet the specific needs of our churches, and as the needs of our churches have and will continue to evolve, your Foundation will continue to look for ways to aid your church in growing funds for continued ministry….Continue Reading

Upcoming Game Changing Leadership Events

Game Changing Leadership events focus on a variety of financial topics and needs within the church including, but not limited to, fostering a generous culture, developing financial leadership skills, developing and implementing planned giving/legacy giving, and improving personal and church financial health. Each event covers relevant topics and includes practical tips and tools that church leaders can easily put into place right away to start seeing an impact….Continue Reading

Gift Options to Support the Local Church are Available Through the Foundation

The Foundation helps United Methodist and historically Methodist individuals, congregations, and organizations accomplish their charitable giving goals. Our Foundation can accept and manage gifts, transfer gifts, and advise individuals and churches on the best types of gifts for them. Giving options are available to create a gift that makes a difference now, pays income, or leaves a legacy by sustaining life-changing ministry for generations to come….Continue Reading

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