Development Fund Investing

Helping Churches Build, Expand, and Renovate

The Development Fund accepts investments from individuals, churches, and organizations from across the Alabama-West Florida Conference.

When investing with the Development Fund, investors are paid a rate of interest set each quarter and then the Fund makes loans to churches, agencies and missions in the conference.

The current interest rate is 1.00% and is reviewed quarterly by the Funds’ Board of Directors and may be adjusted. You may request a history of the interest rates paid by calling (334) 793-6820.

Interest is paid quarterly and is earned from the day of deposit to the day of withdrawal. You may withdraw all or part of your investment with a written/signed request. There is no penalty, fee or loss of interest when withdrawing funds. Or you can choose to have your interest reinvested each year.

Investments are not FDIC insured. Investments are secured by the assets of the Fund and the first mortgages of the churches. No investor in the Fund has ever lost any part of their investment or interest earned.

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