Church Investing

The Alabama-West Florida United Methodist Foundation offers a variety of investment options for churches and agencies in the AWF Conference who want to practice sound financial planning and faithful stewardship. The Foundation manages funds that have been deposited with it in accordance with the donor. The funds are placed under professional management, and a small fee is assessed in order to cover administrative costs.

Endowment Fund Program

The Foundation works with churches to set up and facilitate planned giving and permanent endowment programs. An endowment is a gift that can be invested to support church ministry programs such as missions, scholarships, and building maintenance.

When the Foundation comes alongside the local church to create and maintain an endowment program, we provide your team a marketing kit with a step-by-step communication plan to help you in your endowment fund marketing. Our goal is to help you create and maintain a successful permanent endowment program. Learn more about our Endowment Fund Program.


The Foundation believes there is no more significant investment than that planted for the next generation. Over $80 million dollars has been placed with the Foundation for financial management and we thank God for the gifts that keep on giving to our families, churches, and agencies.

In 1990, the Foundation began offering three different investment funds to participants. Under the guidance of the Foundation’s experienced Investment Committee, the Equity, Income, and Balanced Funds were established with specific objectives and parameters for investing. Unlike other investments, these funds are unique in that they follow the Book of Discipline’s guidelines on social screening and participants can create a custom investment plan. Below are yearly and “from inception” average returns on the funds and on comparable indices.

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Development Fund

Churches and agencies in the AWF Conference can invest in the Development Fund. The Fund pays these investors a rate of interest set each quarter then makes loans to churches, agencies and missions in the conference. The goal is to bring investors and borrowers together in the most efficient and effective way for the benefit of God’s work.

Development Fund Deposit Account Frequently Asked Questions

  • What interest rate will I receive on my investment?
    • The current rate is 1%. You may request a history of the interest rates paid by calling 334.793.6820.
  • When will I receive the interest earned on my investment?
    • Interest is paid quarterly and is earned from the day of deposit to the day of withdrawal. You may choose to have your interest reinvested each quarter.
  • When can I withdraw my investment?
    • You may withdraw your investment at any time with a written/signed request. There is no penalty, fee or loss of interest when withdrawing funds.