Transformational, Not Transactional

We view everything we do as a ministry of generosity, and our goal as an AWF Conference agency is to see lives changed, generosity increased, churches grow, and ministries expand. We are in the transformational, not transactional, business.

Below are just a few ways the Alabama-West Florida United Methodist Foundation can partner with your church to transform lives.

Does your church need a loan with favorable interest rates for a church building/expansion project?
The current loan rate at the Foundation is 3.5% for local church building projects and land purchases.

Would your church or church members like to earn higher short-term rates and participate in church growth?
Short-term savings rates at the Foundation (1.0%) are higher than most commercial money market rates. While your account earns interest, your money will work to help churches and ministries receive loans for building projects and land purchases.

Are you looking for better returns on endowment investments and more personalized service?
The Foundation’s customized investment funds are expertly diversified by type and managers, providing excellent returns and on-site review meetings upon request. You are provided with comprehensive reports for each individual account, and our knowledgeable staff is available to walk you through any questions.

Does your church need a way to receive legacy gifts to sustain vital ministries?
In 2017 the Foundation opened twenty-one new account relationships with churches and ministries. These funds are helping to sustain current ministries and are acting as new income streams for the local church.

Rather than take a ‘one size fits all’ approach to each account relationship as a whole, we track individual accounts within each church or agency and apply tailored disbursement and investment options to each account. This helps churches and ministries with multiple funds have more control and customized service.

Would you like to offer financial workshops to your leadership and members?
Our staff can schedule a meeting or workshop with your leaders and larger groups regarding endowment programs, planned giving, estate planning, and investments. These encouraging talks can accompany your church strategy to promote generosity and legacy giving. You can request a free workshop by calling or emailing the Foundation.

We are honored to have been part of distributing over $3 million in vital funds back to local churches and conference agencies in 2017 as needed by these ministries. These funds help to support ministry and transform lives in their community, Conference, and beyond. We work tirelessly as your partner in ministry to not only be your fund manager but to also provide valuable guidance alongside free resources, consultations, and workshops to help your ministry thrive for generations to come.

Please call us at 334-793-6820 or email us at [email protected] for more ways we can help your church, to schedule a meeting with our staff, or to schedule a free workshop.