The Foundation: A Ministry of Generosity

At the Foundation, our Board of Directors and staff work hard to fulfill our mission and ministry of serving churches and organizations in the Alabama-West Florida area. On behalf of the Foundation’s Board of Directors, we want to reassure you that, with our own 501c3, we will continue to serve Methodist and historically Wesleyan denominations with the care and support we have been providing since 1979.*

The Foundation: A Ministry of Generosity
November 9, 2022 Fall Foundation Board of Directors Meeting at Blue Lake Methodist Camp

Your local Foundation is a unique ministry of planned giving, investment management, donor development, and more. All of our services have taken years to perfect to meet the specific needs of our churches, and as the needs of our churches continue to evolve, the Foundation will continue to look for ways to aid your church in growing funds for continued ministry.

In the early days of the Foundation, we only offered CDs and bonds as investment options. Over time, we grew in size and added diverse investment portfolios with low fees for our churches. Additionally, we completed the registration process to offer charitable gift annuities and added other gift opportunities such as donor advised funds and a stock gifts service.

It is a blessing to share in your successes and walk alongside you in your struggles while providing financial vehicles and resources designed to help fund your continued ministry. Thank you for allowing us to be part of your meetings and planning to discuss how we can do more with our collective resources to facilitate and encourage the generosity of God’s gifts.

The Foundation: A Ministry of Generosity
Fall 2022 Foundation Board Meeting
*The Methodist Foundation seeks to provide ministries and services to Methodist and historically Wesleyan denominations. Special circumstances may exist, and churches, funds, trusts, and loans will be looked at on a case-by-case basis. If you have questions about a current or existing account, please contact Terri Turner at [email protected] or 334-793-6820.