Our Ministries to Churches

Investment Services

Our investment services are uniquely created for managing church and agency funds. The Foundation staff assists in developing a custom investment plan for each participating organization or donor. Learn more

Fund Administration Services

We provide trust fund accounting, regular disbursements, all other fiduciary administration services and report this information to you on easy to read statements.

Church Planned Giving Programs

Planned Giving Programs help encourage and facilitate planned gifts and endowments to the church. We teach church leaders how to establish and cultivate permanent and reserve sources of income to support and sustain church ministry programs while also offering a step-by-step guide designed to encourage and support future financial needs of the church. Learn more

Educational Events and Webinars

We offer generosity and financial development through educational programs, workshops, and events that foster a better understanding of giving and stewardship as both an act of worship and discipleship. Learn more

Development Fund Investing

The Development Fund accepts investments from individuals, churches, and organizations across the AWF Conference. The Fund pays investors a rate of interest set each quarter and makes loans to churches, agencies, and missions in the conference. Interest is paid quarterly and is earned from the day of the deposit to the day of the withdrawal. You may withdraw all or part of your investment with a written/signed request at any time. There is no penalty, fee, or loss of interest when withdrawing funds. Interest can also be reinvested each year. Learn more

Development Fund Loans

The AWF Development Fund provides loan opportunities to churches with attractive rates and helps churches walk through the application process and answer committee questions.

The Development Fund makes low-interest loans for up to $1 million* to churches and agencies in the AWF Conference for new church construction, purchasing property, and large renovation projects. Loans through the AWF Development Fund have competitive interest rates, loan terms up to 15 years, do not charge points or closing costs, and interest earned from loans goes back to AWF Conference members and investors. Learn more

*For loans larger than $1 Million, contact us! The Foundation has the ability to negotiate with other Foundations for larger loans.

Learn More

To learn more about our ministries to churches and individuals visit email [email protected] or call 334-793-6820.