Investing with the Foundation

The Foundation’s investment services are uniquely created to provide diversified, low-cost investment options for managing church and agency funds.

Our Investment Committee applies prudent investment guidelines and social screening of investments. The Committee also continually reviews and monitors investments to ensure stable and long-term growth. 

The Foundation provides an accounting of transactions with respect to each account invested in its common funds and offers oversight and layers of accountability that give churches confidence in the responsible handling of managed funds.

Invest with the Foundation

  • Step 1: A custom investment plan is developed for each participating organization or donor, and funds are managed in accordance with the outlined objectives.
  • Step 2: Funds are placed under professional management, and a small fee is assessed to cover administrative costs. Funds may be invested according to objective or use into the Equity Fund, Income Fund, or Balanced Fund.

To learn more, call or email Terri Turner at 334-793-6820 or [email protected] or click here.