Generosity Matters | Summer/Fall 2021 & 2020 Annual Report

Celebrating God’s Guidance and Provision Through a Time of Storms

In October 2018, both of Lynn Haven UMC’s buildings were destroyed by Hurricane Michael. Just four days after the storm, worship took place in the main campus parking lot and continued there for seven weeks. In early December, a partnership with Bay Haven Schools allowed worship to move indoors into a school gymnasium, and plans to reconstruct one of the destroyed facilities began to take shape. In the months that followed, Lynn Haven UMC experienced a lengthy insurance settlement process, construction delays, and then the effects of a global pandemic. The Foundation’s Development Fund continued to work closely with Lynn Haven UMC to keep things moving forward…Continue Reading

Foundation Events Continue Online

Based on the top responses, we kicked off our 2021 events in August with a session on annual campaigns and are excited to announce “Knowing How to Use Giving Tuesday and Year-End Giving to Benefit Your Church” with Chris Stovall (Generis) coming this November. This event will focus on two generosity moments you can use to grow your church’s overall culture of generosity. It will also give you specific ideas to make Giving Tuesday and Year-End Giving far more impactful…Continue Reading

2020 Annual Report

It is a blessing to share in your successes and walk alongside you in your struggles while providing financial vehicles and resources designed to help fund your continued ministry. Thank you for allowing us to be part of your meetings and planning to discuss how we can do more with our collective resources and facilitate and encourage the generosity of God’s gifts. Our ultimate goal continues to be partnering with you, especially through this difficult time, to help you grow and sustain disciple-making ministries…Continue Reading

How Year-End Giving Can Benefit Your Church

Year-end giving is significant for most churches and nonprofits by providing approximately 30% of annual giving in December alone and 10% of annual giving in the last three days of the year. Total giving has increased by $43.73 billion between 2019 and 2020, with 28% of those funds given to faith-based organizations. Of those funds given to faith-based organizations, 17.7% of gifts were made online…Continue Reading

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