Game Changing Leadership: Creating a Narrative Budget: The Story Behind the Numbers

Creating a Narrative Budget: The Story Behind the Numbers • June 2022 (Online Workshop)

“It’s not the numbers, but the stories that inspire us to give generously.”

For some people, seeing an Excel spreadsheet makes their heart beat with excitement. For them, a line-item budget may be all they need to be inspired to give generously to the church. For most of us, however, it takes more than numbers, dollar signs, decimal points, and sum totals to get our hearts pumping with excitement. We want to hear stories about lives being touched, hope being offered, and people being connected or reconnected to the loving, compassionate God that Jesus came to show us. For us, it’s not numbers but narratives that reach deep into our hearts and inspire us to give generously.

In this webinar, Ken Sloane, Director of Stewardship and Generosity at Discipleship Ministries, will cover the importance of creating and incorporating a narrative budget in the church. He will give tips for what to include in your narrative budget, ways to share the narrative budget with your church, and examples of several narrative budgets.

For those who want to dive deeper, Ken will share details about the 8-week course “Creating a narrative Budget – The Story Behind the Numbers” coming Summer/Fall of 2022.

Event Details

When is the workshop? Tuesday, June 7th, 2022, at 11:00 am CT on Zoom

What is the cost? This workshop is 100% FREE

Can I earn CEU credit? Yes! You can earn .1 CEU credit by attending this event.

How long is the workshop? The workshop lasts for one hour

Who are the speakers? Rev. Dr. Ken Sloane, UMC Discipleship Ministries Director of Stewardship and Generosity; Terri Turner, AWF Foundation Executive Director

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Rev. Dr. Ken Sloane, UMC Discipleship Ministries Director of Stewardship and Generosity

The Rev. Dr. Ken Sloane is the UMC’s Director of Stewardship & Generosity housed at Discipleship Ministries (GBOD) in Nashville, TN. He is a clergy member of the Greater New Jersey Conference, where he served 20+ years in local church ministry (including a successful new church start) and 5 years as the Director of Connectional Ministries). In 2006 he was appointed to serve as Director of Communications Ministry at United Methodist Communications and traveled extensively across the denomination doing presentations on how to interpret connectional giving to our local churches. He moved into his Stewardship role on October 1, 2011. He is the author of the 2017-20 Local Church Guidelines for Stewardship (Cokesbury), and a collaborator on the 2017-20 Guidelines for Finance and the Lay Servant Advanced Course, Connectional Living, Connectional Giving, Most recently he has written the content for an inter-agency collaboration, The Generous Church Leadership Course. Ken lives in Nashville with his wife Bridget; they have four grown children, some of whom may be living with them depending on when you ask.



Terri Turner, AWF Foundation Executive Director

Terri Turner has been the Executive Director of the Alabama-West Florida Conference United Methodist Foundation since 1991, currently overseeing over $93 million in assets for churches. A graduate of Florida State University, Terri spent 13 years in the investment brokerage business and finds her expertise as a financial consultant very helpful in counseling with church members and churches. Responsibilities with the Foundation include overseeing the administration and investment management of permanent gifts and church funds as well as developing programs throughout the conference to encourage good stewardship of God’s gifts. Terri is an active member of the Southeastern Jurisdiction of United Methodist Foundations where she has served as President and is active nationally in Foundation work as a member of the National Association of United Methodist Foundations. Terri and her family are members of FUMC in Dothan, AL.


The AWF Foundation is partnering with Generis to provide “Game Changing Leadership: Creating a Narrative Budget: The Story Behind the Numbers” online workshop on February 10th.

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