Game Changing Leadership 2019 & 2020 Events

Game Changing Leadership is a one-day seminar focused on resourcing pastors, financial administrators, lay leaders, and church staff with new tips and tools that can easily be put into place right away to foster a generous culture in the church, develop financial leadership skills, and improve personal financial health.

Our goal is our pastors’ personal well-being, for congregations to thrive, and that the mission of the church be furthered.

Our speakers: Chris Stovall, Alan Wildes, Suzanne Krejcar, and Terri Turner.


2019 Events:

  • Thursday, September 5 at First United Methodist Crestview (FL)
  • Friday, September 6 at First United Methodist Church Montgomery (AL)

2020 Event:

  • Thursday, January 23 at Dauphin Way UMC in Mobile, Alabama


2020 Event:

















2019 Events