Online Workshop 3: Forward Focus Framework

Forward Focus Framework: Moving boldly towards new directions in ministry, deploying people in meaningful ways, and renewing generosity and stewardship. – with Dave Travis

Have your questions changed since the first of the year? I bet they have. And what will our church’s next year look like? Other than different? The Forward Focus Framework is a tool you can apply to help your church move boldly towards new directions in ministry, in deploying your people in meaningful ways, and, we believe, in renewed generosity and stewardship. But you are going to need a team and a flexible plan to help get you there. Dave Travis, co-creator of the Forward Focus Framework, will walk you through that framework with you and answer your questions on June 15th and 16th.

Dave Travis is the Director of Strategic Counsel to Pastors and Church Boards at Generis. He served with the Leadership Network for almost 25 years, including 8 as the CEO. While that work focused on larger churches and mega churches for 36 years, he has been a faithful layman at a smaller Baptist church. In addition to his service as a deacon, he has served as an interim pastor 13 times of both larger and smaller churches. Dave speaks not only from everyday conversations with large church leaders about their issues, challenges, and innovations but also from hundreds of days working with smaller church pastors in east metro Atlanta.

A graduate of Georgia Tech and The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, he considers his best education happened through the personal mentors such as Lyle Schaller and Peter Drucker.

Available Sessions (Sessions are available at multiple levels to best fit the specific context, size, and culture of your church to provide you with the most relevant, actionable information possible):

  • June 15 at 1:00 pm (CST) • A session for churches with an average worship attendance of 1,000 or more
  • June 16 at 11:30 am (CST) • A session for churches with an average worship attendance of 1 – 300
  • June 16 at 1:00 pm (CST) • A session for churches with an average worship attendance of 300 – 1,000


Event Details

When are the workshops? June 2020

What is the cost? These workshops are 100% FREE

Can I earn CEU credit? Yes! You can earn .1 CEU credit by attending this workshop

How long is each workshop? Each workshop lasts for one hour

Who are these Conference-Wide Seminars for? Pastors, Church Staff, Lay Leadership/Council, Financial Administrators, and Key Influencers in Your Church

Who are the speakers? Dave Travis, Director of Strategic Counsel to Pastors and Church Boards; Hosts are: Terri Turner, UM Foundation Executive Director; Alan Wildes, Generis Vice President; Chris Stovall, Generis Generosity Strategist


About Dave

Dave Travis, Director of Strategic Counsel to Pastors and Church Boards

Dave has a wealth of experience from pastoral ministry and the business world. He has worked as a pastor as well as consulted with many churches in different contexts. Through the Leadership Network, he has had the privilege of learning from many esteemed mentors. His involvement in this network has taken him all over the country to work with various ministries and with some of the country’s leading pastors.

Dave earned a Masters of Divinity in Pastoral Ministry from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and a B.S. in Management from Georgia Tech. He also did a short course at the Harvard Business School in Strategic Perspectives for Nonprofit Management. These accomplishments combined help Dave to offer a unique perspective for the churches with which he consults. Dave is the author of three published books and is a noted speaker and consultant to megachurches across the country.

Dave’s biggest interests are reading and traveling. He is also a Georgia Tech basketball season ticket holder and a collector of Southern Folk art. He is married to Lynne and they have two daughters.