A Spirit of Generosity

Written by Foundation Staff

As a child, my sister and I each got one dollar a week as an allowance. Our parents encouraged us to give a dime back to the church each Sunday as a tithe (a tenth). I didn’t quite understand why I had to give away part of my money. That was less money I was able to use at the store for candy! Regardless, every week I obediently tore out my offering envelope from a booklet, enclosed a dime, brought it to church, and placed it in the offering plate as it passed by.

What I didn’t quite understand then is that my parents were not just teaching us how to use and save money, but how to faithfully and generously live as a Christian.

Through the years, my attitude towards giving has changed. God has slowly revealed that what I have is not mine, but His. He has blessed me throughout life with so much, and I aim to make Him proud and honor Him as I give my money, time, talents, and gifts above all else.

Today I continue to hold tight to the principles of generosity that were instilled by my parents. It is not always easy, but God continues to bless me through continued faithful giving and making ends meet in ways I can’t explain.

At the Foundation, generosity is not just a way of life, but a ministry. Find more ways to be generous with your gifts at alwfumf.org.