8 Giving Tips

It comes as no surprise that giving is at an all-time high during November and December. It is easy to become overwhelmed with donation requests from great organizations, but where is the best place to start? One way to begin the process is by thinking of the things you are most passionate about, then finding an organization that
is meeting those needs and goals.


  1. Set a giving goal and decide how much you want to give ahead of time.
  2. Save funds throughout the year.
  3. Search for an organization that matches your passion.
  4. Research how and what the donation will be used for.
  5. Earmark your donation for a specific ministry within the church you are particularly passionate about.
  6. Keep itemized lists of your donations.
  7. Get a donation receipt.
  8. Consider donating your time. Most churches and organizations are in need of volunteers and would love your expertise and help.

Are you looking to make a gift? Find different ways to give to your local church through the Foundation.