Easter and Holy Week

Easter is a time of celebration as we remember the eternal gift God gave to us with Jesus Christ’s selfless sacrifice on the cross. This Easter season we encourage you to think about what you are doing in the lives of others to build God’s Kingdom. One way to do this is by creating an endowment fund to support missions, scholarships for students who want to become pastors, and maintaining your church. With an endowment you can continue to help build God’s Kingdom in your church long after you are gone.

Two ways we enjoy being able to continually help you and your church are with our services and free resources. This time of year, and especially during Holy Week, can be busy and leaves little time for small, but impactful, promotions such as social media posts. As we look forward to Easter, we would like to offer some free resources that will hopefully help your church this season, and, if you like them, we ask that you share this post with other churches who might also find these resources useful. Thank you for your continued service to building the Kingdom of God here on earth!

Included resources:
Palm Sunday post
Maundy Thursday post
Good Friday post
Easter post
Social Media Text (Word Document)

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