Ministries to Individuals

Scholarships are available from numerous sources for both Ministerial and Lay students. The Foundation’s Scholarship Committee (unless otherwise designated by the donor) determines which applicants meet the criteria for available scholarships based on information provided on the application. To learn more, visit: or email us at [email protected]

Legacy Gifts Consulting
We offer one on one meetings with individuals who are looking to do something generous for their church. We provide a variety of legacy and planned giving options and can help you plan and set up these gifts to accomplish your specific goals for leaving a legacy in the church.

Development Fund Investing
The Development Fund accepts investments from individuals, churches, and organizations across the AWF Conference. The Fund pays these investors a rate of interest set each quarter and makes loans to churches, agencies, and missions in the conference.

Interest is paid quarterly and is earned from the day of the deposit to the day of the withdrawal. You may withdraw all or part of your investment with a written/signed request at any time. There is no penalty, fee, or loss of interest when withdrawing funds. You can also choose to have your interest reinvested each year.

*Investments are not FDIC insured. Investments are secured by the assets of the Fund and the first mortgages of the churches. No investor in the fund has ever lost any part of their investment or interest earned.